The Czech Republic is on the list of countries that I am trying to visit at least once a year. The border with our neighbour from Kielce is about 2-3 hours of driving, which makes the Czech Republic a perfect destination for weekend trips.

Most of you were probably in Prague. A beautiful city, but looking at the Czech Republic only through the prism of the capital is not objective. It’s a bit like looking at Poland through the prism of Warsaw. In addition to it, we have a lake district, mountains, sea and many other places that are not similar to Warsaw in any aspect.

There are more than five reasons for visiting the Czech Republic, but let this short list be an inspiration for you. The order is random, and in the set, they give a one, big reason to travel.


I’ve already mentioned it. You can reach the Czech Republic in less than 3 hours from Kielce. Thanks to this, it is a perfect place both for a longer trip and also for a 1-2 day spontaneous adventure. The Polish-Czech border is interesting because we have practically all the mountains around. In my opinion, many people associate the Czech Republic mainly with Prague, which despite the fact that it is beautiful, does not show the beauty of the country of our neighbours. Regardless of whether you choose Ostrava and border regions or a further trip, these distances are not long.


Even the most beautiful country with a poor cuisine will have to try very hard to stay in my memory. There is no such problem in the Czech Republic. Czech cuisine has a lot in common with Polish cuisine, but it also differs a lot. I will start with my favourite thing, which is certainly a favourite of many of you – fried cheese with French fries and tartar sauce. I love it! In the version in a bun is one of the cheapest street food (quality is also not so high). Czech cuisine is goofd and fatty, but from time to time dumplings, hermelin, utopenec or even pivny syr (beer cheese) are worth eating. Well, maybe the last item not os often 🙂 You can read about my adventures with this cheese in the text about one of Prague’s restaurants.


The Czech Republic is similar to Poland and despite the lack of access to the sea, their area is very diverse. What I like the most in this country are the mountains. Not very high, but very nice. Between them are located small towns and other interesting places that are charming. The Czech Republic is, as I have already written, diverse. We have Beskydy, we have peaks overgrown with vineyards, caves, Czech Switzerland and many other special places. Everyone will find something for themselves.


Although many of the Czech phrases functioning in Poland are fake, Czech is very pleasant for the ear and if you focus on it when you know Polish, communication with the inhabitants of the Czech Republic is possible. Maybe you will not talk about fossils or economic prospects, but there are things that can be understood. Pivo (beer), rohlik (rol), kofola and čerstvý chléb (yes, it just means fresh bread) are things that you can buy in Potraviny (shop), and after hranolky(frie), smažený sýr (fried cheese) or polevki (soup) you have to visit the restaurant.


Kofola either loves or hates! I am inclined to the first option. I have consumed hundreds of litres. Despite the fact that the classic version was the first one I knew and loved, the limited edition – melon is my strong favourite. Unfortunately, it is only available in half-litre bottles, which loses with a large, two-litre classic. Kofola surprises with taste and if you have not yet drunk it you can associate with medicine, strange drink or some sweet herbs, but still take another sip.

If these five reasons did not convince you to travel to the Czech Republic then I will try to tip the scales towards going away with some photos from our trips! You probably still wonder why I did not mention beer? I like them too, and it is obviously an issue that nobody needs to convince;)

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