Many of us associate our western neighbours with strong alcohols but beer in Ukraine is doing quite well. I invite you to the text about the Museum of Brewing in Lviv. It is a high-level facility that tells the story of beer in Lviv and Ukraine.

The museum is located outside the centre of Lviv, but you can get there from the Market Square in 20-30 minutes. Lvivarna (because it is called like that) is located at Kleparivska Str. 18. Walking along the street, it’s hard to miss the museum. Outside, we already have a piece of style from the inside. The entrance is surrounded by stylized planks from barrels, which we see a lot inside. We can decide to go sightseeing, but it’s probably not for this place to refuse a tasting. It costs an additional 35UAH and includes 4 types of beer. If you have a long day in Lviv and you can not cope with over half a litre of beer, we recommend you take a tasting portion in half 🙂

Let’s go back to sightseeing. The Lviv Brewery is the oldest one. a constantly operating brewery in Ukraine and its history starts in 1715. At the exhibition, we can see the history of brewing, in which there are also Polish accents (in the end Lviv was part of our country). In part regarding the distant history, we also go back to pre-war times and the history of the newest brewery and beer in Lviv and throughout Ukraine. You will find a lot of interesting exhibits related to beer.

The next part of the exhibition is dedicated to the process of making beer. You will find there a tree of different types of beers and taste connections between them. You can learn the basics of beer making (ingredients and the process itself) and touch the “big yeast” ;).

After this part, we go up the stairs to the tasting. The whole ceiling is made of barrel planks. If you look at it you will see that each one is suspended in the other and that it does have a good effect. As I imagined, how hard and labor-consuming was the process of hanging these boards one by one it made an even greater impression on me.

The tasting consists four beers. During our stay they were:

  • Robert Doms American Style ALE
  • Lvivskie – White Lion
  • Lvivskie Dunkel
  • Lvivskie 1715

They were all interesting, but I liked the Dunkel the most – dark and delicately caramel. For tasting we can also buy snacks – biscuits and dried meat – they match the beer perfectly.

In several places of this type I have already been and in my opinion, it is done very nicely. There are museums in Lviv, where time has stopped a few decades ago, but the Museum of Brewing is definitely not one of them. I can even venture that many units of this type in Poland and Western Europe could learn a lot.