I have already visited this place several times. I decided to describe it because it has an interesting history, and how it has changed in recent years is impressive! The Palace in Kurozwęki is visited by an increasing number of tourists every year.

Pałace in Kurozwęki – location

Kurozwęki is a village located 7 kilometres from Staszów and 54 kilometres from Kielce (świętokrzyskie, Poland). The palace is a bit outside the centre of the village, but the access to it is well signposted. There is a car park for cars and buses in front of the palace.

Availability and tickets

The area around the palace in Kurozwęki is private and the entrance fee has to be paid. Admission costs PLN 5 for an adult and PLN 3 for a child and includes access to the palace park and the buffalo pen.

Among other attractions, we can visit the palace, use the “Safari buffalo” option or get lost in the labirynth.

Attractions in the palace are available in the season from 10.00 to 17.00, and in the off-season from 10.00 to 16.00. In connection with the renovation works carried out and the events organized, it is worth checking the availability of the attractions you are interested in advance.

History of Kurozwęki

The history of Kurozwęki dates back to the 13th century. In the 14th century, Dobiesław of Kurozwęki built a castle there, which became the seat of the Kurozwęcki family. It was then listed as “Castrum Curozwank”. It is said that it was one of the first castles in Poland. Over the years, it was rebuilt many times to obtain the form we know today. Only fragments of the walls and the moat have survived from the former assumptions.

At the end of the 18th century, the palace gained its late baroque appearance. From the front, the building is the colour of Pompeian pink, and the façade is crowned with two coats of arms – Rawicz and Sołtyk.

Over the years, the city itself was in the hands of the Kurozwęcki, Lanckoroński, Sołtyk and Popiel families. Kurozwęki lost its municipal rights in 1870.

After the Second World War, the property was nationalized, and in 1991 it returned to the Popiel family, who immediately started working to restore it to its former glory.

Palace interiors

During the tour, we have the opportunity to see the interior of the palace. Interesting objects on the route are, among others a beautiful and high ballroom or a chapel. As part of the tour of the facility, we also look at the courtyard and the museum room devoted to the palace and the owners’ family mementoes. There are also paintings by Józef Czapski.


The area around the palace is large, and there are various interesting objects and attractions. In addition to the palace itself, it is worth paying attention to the eastern pavilion called the outbuilding, the western pavilion called the orangery, the stable building and the entire park with beautiful plane trees.

Among the tourist attractions, one should mention the possibility of a cart ride between buffalo, a visit to a mini zoo or (seasonally) a walk through a huge corn labyrinth.

Maybe not an attraction in itself, but an interesting option for a vacation is the possibility of staying overnight in the place. The palace has hotel rooms where you can spend an interesting time.

Brewery Popiel

The newest project of the palace complex is the creation of a restaurant brewery called Popiel. It offers several types of beer, both for local consumption and bottled. There is a restaurant in the brewery where we can eat something and see the installation for the production of this golden drink.

Worth visiting?

The Palace in Kurozwęki is an interesting and worth visiting place. In the high season, you will find a lot of tourists there, but if you come in the morning or slightly off-season, you will avoid the crowds. If you like this type of objects, it’s worth taking a look at!