What do you associate Lodz with? Piotrkowska Street, beautiful tenement houses, factories, or maybe street art? Each of the associations is absolutely correct, but today I invite you to walk in the footsteps of characters that you certainly know. The “Łódź Fairyland” trail is a good idea for exploring this city!

In my opinion, any way to motivate tourists to be active is good, and such routes are a good idea. On the one hand, the recipient will be children who like this type of “field games”, but on the other (let’s face it), it will also go to adults who often grew up on fairy tales with the participation of these characters.

I haven’t visited all the characters on the trail, but I have reason to come back. I also hope that new sculptures will appear and I will be able to rediscover the Łódź Fairyland!

The course of the trail

Most of the statues / sculptures are in the city center, but there are also a few outside. In total, 10 places worth visiting are waiting for you. The first monument that was built was located at ul. Piotrkowska Teddy Bear Uszatek.


There are currently 10 characters on the trail:

  • Bear Uszatek
  • Little penguin Pik-Pok
  • Philemon and Boniface
  • Magic pencil
  • Plastuś
  • Three Bears
  • Sparrow Ćwirek
  • Maurycy and Hawranek
  • Ferdinand the Magnificent
  • Colargol bear

History of idea

The “Lodz Fairyland” trail aims to remind you of the achievements of Łódź animation. When visiting the city with children, it is almost a must. The trail started in 2009, and the plan is to include 17 places. Some of the already implemented projects were financed from the municipal budget, and some from EU funds. One of the sculptures was financed by a private investor – Galeria Łódzka.

If you and your children like elements of gamification, there is also a map / booklet in which you can collect stamps confirming visits to individual characters! After collecting the set, you receive the right to the “Łódź Fairy Tale” PTTK Touring Badge (costs PLN 8).

Map + card

Worth to visit?

It’s definitely worth it! I have mentioned many times that this type of trail is a great idea and a good way to activate tourists. Fortunately, the times when a tourist comes to see the monument and goes on slowly pass. We are becoming more and more aware, and that’s good!

Other trails worth visiting

Kings trail in Gniezno

This trail, located in the first capital of Poland, will surely appeal to all tourists. Wandering around the city in search of kings and rabbits, we discover interesting places throughout Gniezno. I recommend!

If you are going to Radom, take a look at this topic. Following this trail, we get to know a variety of articles that have been produced in Radom over the years. If you want to have a photo with a small statue of homogenized cheese, you have a chance!