Do you like extreme experiences? I do not hesitate to try my hand at various attractions of this type. How about the suspension footbridge that connects two mountains and is the longest structure of its kind in the world? Sky Bridge 721 is located in Dolni Morava and invites tourists to try and admire the beautiful views!

Sky Bridge 721 – localization

Sky Bridge 721 is an object located in the Dolni Morava mountain resort in the Czech Republic, in the Pardubice Region. It is located a few kilometers from the Polish border. You can get to it by the “Śnieżnik” chairlift or climb to the top on your feet, but you have to reserve more time for that.

The bridge is one-way and after crossing it, you will have to walk less than 2 kilometers to get back to the starting point. Next to the bridge, there is also the Skywalk, from which you can admire the views of the surrounding area and the bridge itself.

You can also get off the summit in several ways. You can choose a chairlift, legs, bobsleigh and a bicycle ride 🙂 If you have never ridden such a bobsleigh, try it, because the experience is interesting.

If you are looking for other interesting places in the Pardubice Region, be sure to also visit Pardubice itself.

Entrance tickets and opening hours

The official opening of the bridge was at May 13, 2022. In May and June, the bridge is open daily from 10.00 to 17.00. In July and August, daily from 9.30 am to 6.00 pm.

Online tickets for the bridge are CZK 350, CZK 390 for adults and CZK 245 (CZK 270) for children on site. However, the resort offers various types of packages, which may include cable car rides, a park for children or the already mentioned path in the clouds. The current price list can be found on the website.

History of the Sky Bridge 721

The Dolni Morava Mountain Resort is known among skiers and is visited by the most tourists in winter. Good location and beautiful surroundings make the management board decided to invest funds to attract more tourists also in the summer. Cyclists and hikers will find something for themselves, as well as families with children and fans of active recreation. Sky Bridge 721 is an another proposal and a reason for visiting the Dolni Morava resort.

The managing director of the company that built the bridge said at the opening that the most important thing was teamwork because it was a facility that has never had anything similar in the world. He also talked about the importance of elements that had to be developed when designing and building bridge such as weather, wind or geological conditions. An interesting fact is that in Europe only two companies were found that were able to provide the ropes on which the bridge is held, and there are six of them. The ones used come from Italy.

A few interesting facts

As you can easily guess, the bridge is 721 meters long and connects two mountain peaks. The height of the bridge from the ground varies from site to site, but is 95 meters at its highest point.

The height difference on the bridge is 10 meters – it stretches at an altitude of 1125-1135 m above sea level. The entire bridge weighs 405 tons, but each of the six lines has a lifting capacity of 360 tons. In addition to the six lines, Sky Bridge 721 is also equipped with 60 wind lines to compensate for bridge rotation.

Is it safe to enter the bridge? Of course! The builders would prepare for that moment for a very long time and each stage was well thought out and tested. From the bridge, we can admire what is around us, but also below us. The floor is made of a metal grate through which we can see everything underneath. The deviations related to the wind have been compensated by the use of special stabilizers. Of course, they will still occur, but on a smaller scale than previously estimated during the design work.

It is forbidden to jump on the bridge, but the vibrations and movements of the bridge are felt during even a normal walk. During my stay, several dozen people entered at once without any problems. The width is less than one and a half meters (1.2 m exactly), two people can walk side by side without much problem. Sky Bridge 721 obviously has wind restrictions. It closes at high wind speeds and cannot be entered, but the values must be very high.

Bridge of time

At the end of the bridge, an educational route with an AR game awaits you. There you will find 7 educational panels available in Czech, Polish and English. The game “Time Bridge” is to describe the history of the region in the years 1938-2021.

Our opinion!

Sky Bridge 721 is impressive! I had no stress about entering, but I think that people with a fear of heights or space may treat this attraction as a challenge! Remember to look around, in good weather the views are breathtaking!