We usually treat bus or railway stations in the same category as airports. However, it is worth looking at the bus station in Kielce differently! It was a very original building for the time in which it was built. Today, after renovation, it serves travellers again and pleases the eyes of tourists.

The bus station, sometimes called UFOs in Kielce, has always fascinated me. I have travelled many times from this place to the closer and further parts of Poland. Broken porcelain from Ćmielów on the wall, huge monitoring cameras and a witch hanging from the ceiling gave this place an atmosphere. Unfortunately, in the last few years before the renovation, the station slowly emptied.


The bus station in Kielce is located at Czarnowska street. It is located in the area where there was an object of this type before. If you want to see it by car, it is best to leave your car at Czarnowska street. There is also a Biedronka and a Społem store, so there is an opportunity for shopping on the road.

History of the bus station in Kielce

Before the bus station that we can see today was built, Kielce had this type of facility. It was very close to the present one. The “UFO station” was completed in 1984, and its main designer was the architect Edward Modrzejewski. Enginers – Jerzy Radkiewicz and Mieczysław Kubala also participated in the works.

Construction began in 1975 and was completed in July 1984. The station is, therefore, less than a month older than me! The plan was to handle almost 25,000 passengers every day.

According to the plan, it was also supposed to have an escalator, but the producer from the Soviet Union refused to implement them due to the political situation in Poland.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the station faced increasing problems. Over time, it became the property of the city, which decided to rebuild it.

Good Bye station!

The farewell to the bus station in Kielce was a very interesting cultural event. During the day, various attractions circulating thematically around the facility, and in the evening, the building turned into a concert stage with the Super Girls & Romantic Boys band – it was fun!


After saying goodbye to the station, it’s time for renovation works. I was very concerned about their effect. We know how renovations sometimes go in our country. Due to the fact that I live close to the station, I was able to monitor the progress of the renovation works on an ongoing basis. I was very pleased that the new-old facility will be built on the original skeleton. The renovation began in September 2018 and was completed in 2020.

The end result is impressive. It is a modern, bright and very elegant place. The station serves as a transport centre again and I think that it is much nicer for passengers to use. Some of the minibuses are slowly returning to it, and it has its stops in communication.

In addition to the basic function of the station, which is the transport of passengers in the station, you will also find, for example, Mediateque.

For all those who remember the old object with sentiment, a fragment of it is preserved on the lower level. You can see a piece of a wall made of broken porcelain plates and a characteristic bench.


Since there was a farewell to the station, there was also a re-opening. It was a bit different due to the coronavirus restrictions, but it worked. During the day, the inhabitants of Kielce (and not only) could visit the renovated interiors, and in the evening the outdoor light show by Dariusz Makaruk made a huge impression.

Worth to visit?

The Bus Station in Kielce it’s not only the station. It is an object with an interesting history and unusual architecture. The shape in which we can see it today encourages a visit and more and more inhabitants of Kielce and tourists visit it treating it as an interesting attraction, not only evil, necessarily during the trip (as it used to be years ago).