Making a good dim-sum is a great art, and many have lost their time trying it. In Sydney, we came to the restaurant Din Tai Fung, which specializes in dim-sums. What did we eat and how did it taste? Check it!

Din Tai Fung is a restaurant chain originating in Taiwan and having its premises in more than 10 countries. We visited an object located in Sydney, City (World Square Shopping Center, 644 GEORGE ST). What the restaurant offers is actually xiaolongbao (steamed dumplings).

Despite the fact that we visited this place before noon, almost all tables were full. The waitress took us to the table. We got a special basket for … bags and backpacks that stood next to our table. There were many photos on the menu, but we had to place an order on a special paper. It was not easy to find all the ordered items, but it succeeded.

We decided to:

  • dumplings with prawns and meat
  • pork dumplings (10,8 AUD/6 pieces)
  • colour dumplings with different flavours (15.8 AUD)

The waitress picked up the order and brought us water. In most places in Sydney, water (such a tap) is free. After a while, the dumplings started appearing on the table, and the lady responsible for the order checked on a piece of paper which we already received. Like in China we had chopsticks and a spoon to use for eating. This second device was very helpful because the dumplings contained a delicious broth that had to be sucked. We needed few tries until we succeeded without dropping a drop. In the company of soy sauce with ginger sliced into small matches, it tasted great. Delicious filling and a soft and delicate dough made a good meal. Despite their delicacy, the dumplings were held together. Colour version we ordered mainly for Zuzia. Actually, these were not dumplings but dumpling gems! Each piece was colourized naturally in a different colour and had different fillings such as corn, seafood, BBQ pork, Bolognese or cheese. Flavours were easy to guess.

In the plan of the day, we had a lot to eat so we ended up with these few portions. If you find Din Tai Fung restaurant somewhere in the world, take a look at it, because interesting flavours and delicate dough makes a good job!

In the end, I still appreciate using baskets for steam cooking and bowls as elements of interior design! Looks very good!

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