There are a lot of places that tourists rarely visit. Despite the fact that Chotel Czerwony appears frequently in guidebooks, you will not meet crowds there. Why is it worth going there?


Chotel Czerwony (yes, we write by CH) is located in Ponidzie in the Busko poviat, the Wiślica commune. It is 7 kilometers away from the other place. This is not the purpose of the trip for the whole day, because the town is small, but when planning a trip to Ponidzie it is worth placing Chotel Czerwony on your list.

History of Chotel Czerwony

The oldest preserved mention of the village dates from 1244. Previously, the village used to be called Chotel or Rubea Ecclesia (Red Church). In 1313 a wooden church was built there, which was presided over a few years later by Boguchwał.

The parish in Chotel was very large and provided funding for the custodian of Wiślica. The village belonged to the chapter of Wiślica, and in 1440 a church was founded in it, about which in a moment.

In 1595, a school already existed in Chotel, and until 1950 the village was the seat of the Chotel commune. During World War II, the Germans in Chotel murdered two families who were hiding Jews (Jews themselves).


The most characteristic point in Chotel Czerwony is the church of St. Bartholomew. As I have already written, it comes from the mid-15th century. It was built on a gypsum hill. It is a one-nave building with two side porches. I didn’t manage to be inside, but the materials say that there is (in one of the porches) an erection board from 1450.

In 1645 the church underwent renovation, and the last work on the renovation of the temple took place in 1947. During these works, the shape and decor of the church did not change.

An interesting fact is footprints engraved on one of the portals on the church. It is not known where they came from and why they served!


The church I just wrote about stands on a hill built of selenite (a type of plaster). Its crystals form so-called swallow tails, and they shine beautifully in the rays of the sun.

The plaster has a cave about 20 meters long. Apparently it is sometimes called the “kitchen of the priest”. The entrance to it is closed with a grille, it is not possible to enter inside.

Interestingly, gypsum is a soft mineral. On the Mohs scale (mineral hardness scale) it reaches 2 points out of 10. Gypsum crystals can be scratched with a fingernail.


In the area of Chotel you will find a lot of interesting places. In a very short distance, there is the Przęślin reserve. There is also close to Wiślica, where you will find a lot of curiosities. 20 kilometres from Chotel towards Pińczów, you can also visit the Wielopolscy Palace in Chrobierz.

Worth to visit?

Chotel Czerwony is worth a visit. There are no attractions for a day trip, but the convenient location and beautiful church on the hill mean that when exploring Ponidzie you should look here. I guarantee that you’ll enjoy the view in sunny weather!

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