Probably everyone in Poland knows obwarzanek krakowski. They are tasty, filling and available in Krakow at every step. But do you know anything more about it? When they were created and who can do it? These and other questions will get an answer now. The Obwarzanek Museum is really nice place!

Location and sightseeing

The Obwarzanek Living Museum is located at Paderewskiego 4 street. It is very close to the old city of Cracow. Right next to the Old Kleparz market. At the marketplace, parking spaces are charged PLN 4 per hour of parking. On foot, you can reach the Museum from the Market Square or Galeria Krakowska in about 7 minutes.

The current calendar of shows can be checked on the museum’s website. Before the visit, a reservation is required, and a maximum of 25 people could be at one moment.

Ticket prices:

  • normal ticket: PLN 20
  • concession ticket: PLN 18
  • group ticket: PLN 17 normal ticket, PLN 15 discount
  • family ticket (2 ADULT + 2 CHILDREN): 68 PLN

The tour lasts about an hour and also includes the baking of obwarzanek. During classes, we listen to stories, prepare obwarzanek and watch some movie when the obwarzanek is in the oven.  We do not make dough on the spot (it would take too much time). We get ready-made products from a bakery that has a certificate for the production of obwarzanek

The history of obwarzanek

Have you ever thought where they came from and whether they are old? The first mention of them comes from 1394, but most likely existed before that date. The name comes from the polish word which means the process of putting something in hot water. The obwarzanek were appreciated by kings and kings, as well as Polish knights. Originally obwarzanki can come with three sprinkles – salt (from Wieliczka) poppy or sesame.

Obwarzanek nowadays

Obwarzanki were made according to the recipe seller’s recipe. Currently protected Geographical Indications. The specification precisely defines their shape, weight and manufacturing process. The eight bakeries in Krakow has the right to produce them and call them Obwarzanek Krakowski. Real obwarzanek must be produced in the city of Cracow or the district of  Cracow and Wieliczka. Cracow bakeries produce 150,000 obwarzanek per day, 7 toppings are allowed:

  • salt
  • sesame
  • poppy seed
  • cheese
  • a mix of spices
  • black caraway
  • corn flour

For the production of obwarzanki we are using 6 ingredients – flour, salt, water, oil, yeast, sugar

Worth visit?

Despite the fact that Obwarzanek Living Museum is not very big, I spent a very nice time there. It is great place for kids and adults.

Żywe Muzeum Obwarzanka

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