For the first time in Lviv, I was over 10 years ago. Since then, I observed a lot has changes in it. Leaky roads, darkness in the streets and the lack of people willing to talk in English are the past. They also hide some of the city’s tastes, but we could certainly find them. I invite you to a Lviv for the weekend!

My first visit to this city was connected with a further train ride to the Crimea. We reached Lviv partly by train, by bus and on foot. We spent the night there at the station and drove on. Later, we visited the city several times. This time we decided to go to Lviv by plane. The nearest airport is in Radom so, despite various jokes, the internet was full we decided to take this direction. From Radom, the Sprint Air airline currently flies in three directions – Gdańsk, Prague and Lviv. We reserved tickets and started planning the trip. Flight times are convenient: we depart on Thursday afternoon and return on Sunday early in the evening. By the way back we go back in time, because we fly at 18:30, and we land around 18.15 (oh this time change :)). The road from Kielce to the airport takes just over an hour, and after completing road repairs the route should go below one hour. We went to the airport by car and the first surprise for you is that the parking in front of the airport is free!

I have travelled to Ukraine in various ways. Everyone has their charm, but if you care about time, the plane seems the fastest (45 minutes of flight), relatively inexpensive (from 149 PLN / person) and with the smallest problems at the border. But let’s go back to the airport.

Random airport is small, but due to the fact that it is not very popular there are no crowds, queues and waiting, which for me as a passenger is quite a good reason to choose it. We passed luggage (12 kg per person), we went through security and customs control and went by bus to the plane. The machine is small. In total, after flying the world’s largest plane (Airbus A380), others will always be small. A Saab 340 turboprop aircraft fly to Lviv, with just over 30 people on board. This machine is flying at a lower altitude than jets and at a slightly lower speed, but the whole flight takes less than an hour. I rate the trip as comfortable. Halfway there, we received refreshments in the form of Prince Polo and mineral water. After travelling with cheap airlines it was a very pleasant surprise. Once you land, it’s worth answering a few questions:

How to move?

Despite the apparent chaos, communication in Lviv is extensive and quite well-functioning. From the airport, we get to the centre, eg by trolley bus number 9. He drives every few minutes, and we buy a ticket from the driver. It costs the whole two hryvnias (about 10 euro cents). There are also minibus and taxis. In the case, please make an appointment for the amount for which you will go before entering the car. A taxi should cost about 70 hryvnias (about 2,5 Euro).

Right in the centre, you can move on your feet, but when you get too far you can catch the tram. In Lviv, they even enter the Market Square.

If you want to explore “quickly” then a good option is “train” driving around the city (75 hryvnia per hour ride), retro cars (100 hryvnia per hour) or a carriage. The first option I recommend You. Electric Train goes outside the Market Square, and from headphones, we can listen about Lviv in mny languages.

Where to live?

This is probably the smallest problem in Lviv. On portals with hotels or on Airbnb, you will find a lot of apartments for rent. The offer also includes hostels and hotels, but in my opinion, apartments for rent have the most charm. They are often found in old tenements in the very centre. During my trip, we lived at ul. Piotr Doroszenki 19 – less than 10 minutes from the Market on foot 🙂

If You want to use or Airbnb catch the discount from me (click links).

What to see?

Probably 50% of Ukrainian monuments are located in Lviv. At every step, you can find here known, interesting or just beautiful places. If you are going here for the first time, you definitely have to visit the Old Town, its Market Square and churches located there. To look at the topic in advance, it is worth visiting the town hall tower (64 m). Do not let the elevator pass you on the way to the tower – you have to climb the wooden stairs to your very top. I recommend seeing also the Potocki Palace. It is also worth to go to the mound of Unia Lubelska and the cemetery Łyczakowski and Orląt Lwowskich. As for lesser-known places, enter the Lviv Manufacture of Chocolate, the Museum of Brewing, the book market and the railway station on the Lviv list. You also have to go to one of the bazaars. In the centre you will find one opposite the monument to King Daniło, One just behind the Opera House, and another one next to the railway station.

What to eat?

Currently, you can eat dishes from around the world in Lviv. However, you can still try different interesting dishes. Look for czeburieki, find dumplings (no, not polish), eat crayfish or vavets (these are also dumplings). Have a drink of local beer, and try “Drunken Cherry” on the market (south-eastern corner). If you have never been drinking kvass, it is necessary to add this point to the list. While visiting Lviv, it’s worth simply wandering around the small streets surrounding the Market Square – their charm will certainly delight you, and interesting places will “stand” before your eyes. You will find here kitchens that are still exotic in Poland – Armenian, Azerbaijani, Georgian and many more. Apparently, it is worth going to the Baczewski Restaurant. We did not have any data – reservations for 3 days ahead. We looked at the shop near the restaurant and equipped ourselves with tinctures 🙂

Something at the end

Lviv is changing, but it still has its character. If you look well, you will find babushka selling dumplings made by her, farmers offering their own vegetables or Polish traces on pre-war tenement houses. It is a more and more tourist city, but for me, it has this “something”. My great-grandfather was born there. If you have not been in this unique city yet, visit them necessarily!

Do you feel unsatisfied? Very good 🙂 Soon, separate entries about some of the attractions and places we visited 🙂


The text was created in cooperation with the Sprint Air airlines