If you are reading this, there is a chance that you are looking for travel inspiration! I also sometimes look for interesting places, but the main reason why I visit other sites is because of the people who run them and their adventures! Travel blogs can be different, but I chose a few that I like and want to recommend to you!

It doesn’t matter if you are visiting your city, region, country or the world – the most important thing is to share it and inspire others! It is so interesting that our newest Polish Nobel Prize winner said during her lecture “(…) the story about the world has” enormous meaning “, and untold stories allow facts to” die “(…)” so let’s go!

Busem przez Świat

There are various creators on the Internet. There are those whose popularity has hurt a bit, but there are also those, such as Busem przez Świat, or Ola and Karol, who infect others with their passion without losing their naturalness and normality! It is not an easy trick to tell in such a way that others listen with curiosity, and they have been doing it for years. Beautiful photos, technically and substantively amazing films and interesting content are what characterizes them. Every day they are 100% like in their channels – smiling, open and friendly – they not only know how to speak but also listen!

If you are considering starting your adventure by travelling by bus, looking for interesting facts about America, or you are interested in the regions of Poland they have discovered, be sure to check them out!


Blogi podróżnicze - Busem przez Świat

Czas na Wywczas

We met on the occasion of the Blogotok organized in Kielce and somehow our relationship continues! Ania and Artur are a couple who discover the world together, taking very nice photos! Their first, big project was a trip through half the world, during which they related their adventures, among others from Mongolia, Japan or New Zealand.

They are friendly and open to the world, that is, what travelers should be like! 🙂


Blogi podróżnicze - Czas na Wywczas


I discovered them only after my joint trip to Brandenburg. A very nice couple (Ania and Adrian) who complement each other. There are three of them in the travel set (with their daughter), but I haven’t met her yet. A sense of humour and a cool approach to the world and travelling is something that translates into good texts and photos.


Blogi podróżnicze - Wszędobylscy

Road Trip Bus

The website has evolved over the years and today it deals with various topics, more or less focused on travel. Wojtek and Kasia travel by their bus, but not only. They position themselves well in the search engine, so you will often find their texts from different places there. Their kitchen takes up quite a lot, so you can also find some recipes. Finally, one more important point – they are from Świętokrzyskie! 🙂


Blogi podróżnicze - Road Trip Bus


Filip and Klaudyna describe their travels mainly in Poland. They describe places that are overlooked by many. You will find a lot of texts about Mazovia (where they live), but also about neighbouring regions. If you are travelling with children, this is also a place worth visiting for a hint.


Blogi podróżnicze - Skomplikowane

W poszukiwaniu

I met Ewelina, who runs this blog, during several press trips. Do you sometimes get along with people you’ve barely met? It was like that in our case 🙂 Ewelina writes about various things, but she often writes about the subject of the fact that she lived in several countries on her blog. She comes from Opole and you can also find stories of places from this region here!


Blogi podróżnicze - W poszukiwaniu

Czechy po polsku

The time has also come for a website that I do not know the author of (the only one on the list). However, it deals with a topic that I like and which is close to me – the Czech Republic! Interesting places, cool recipes, “Czech” approach to life. If the Czech Republic is into you and you want to read about it in its original, non-touristic form, be sure to check it out!


Blogi podróżnicze - Czechy po PolskuGłodny Świata

Despite the fact that a large part of Filip is made up of Asian countries where I have not been to yet, the approach to the subject of travelling and cooking are the elements that connect us. We met on the Internet, and the conversations during live meetings were natural and pleasant. If you suffer from a great need to go to exotic destinations, do not go to Filip, because you will not be able to resist;)

The author of the blog comes from Podlasie and this region also appears on the blog often!


Blogi podróżnicze - Głodny Świata