I never wondered where bicycles are made. I also didn’t know what their story was. The bike is used to ride for me, although over time I start to pay attention to details. This time I have a place for you, in which you will know the history of those vehicles perfectly. I invite you to the Museum of Polish bicycles.


The museum of Polish bicycles is located in Radom at Marii Skłodowskie-Curie 4 street. It is the building of the former “Wulkan” factory located just behind the City Hall.

The museum is located on the second floor, and the entrance to it is marked and visible from a distance. We came to it on foot, but you should have no problem parking in the area. If you want to walk around the centre of Radom and then do some shopping, a good place to leave your car is the parking lot of Galeria Słoneczna shopping centre (free).

Opening hours and tickets

The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 9.00-17.00. The facility is closed on Mondays. Plan about 45 minutes to visit the entire exhibition with a guide.

Normal tickets cost 4 PLN, and reduced ones 2 PLN (for pupils, students and pensioners). For groups of 10 or more, tickets also cost 2 PLN. If you want to use the guide service of the exhibition, it costs you all 5 PLN.

History of the museum of Polish bikes

The museum was established in 2019. From 2017, however, a mobile museum project was implemented, which was the beginning of the museum. Most of the exhibits belong to members of the “SPRĘŻYŚCI” Retrocyclists Association of Radom.

When it comes to cycling in Radom and its connections with bicycles, the history dates back to the second half of the 19th century. The exhibition features the figure of Stanisław Kłosowicz – Olympian and cyclist, and local brand – Łucznik, whose bikes were known throughout Poland!


The exhibition consists of two rooms. In the first of them, we move to the times of the already mentioned Stanisław Kłosowicz. We will learn there about his relationship with the First Miss of Radom and his cycling successes. We can also admire the old, not only household items there.

The second, larger room is dedicated to bicycles in the world and in the Radom region. We start with the first bikes, go through the bicycles until we come to the bamboo bike. After that, there are Łucznik bikes with a reconstructed military model. There is also a model that took part in the World Scouting Bike Jamboree.

In the display cases, you will also find a lot of information about Radom bicycles and races. Further on, there are various models of both racing bikes and folding bikes known from the People’s Republic of Poland. At the end there is a BMX like I had in my childhood.

If you are not going to use the guide’s services, pay attention to a few details – a bicycle with an internal combustion engine, a bicycle indicator light or bicycle license plates.

Łucznik bikes

It is worth mentioning this brand of bicycles in Radom. They were produced from 1929 in Weapons Factory in Radom. Until the Second World War, the factory offered 18 types of bicycles. It was the largest factory of this type of vehicles in the Second Polish Republic.

Worth to visit?

The sightseeing does not last long, but you can feel a great passion for the museum. You can see that this is not just another boring place. It is a place that was created thanks to the commitment and persistence of cyclists-enthusiasts.

Old bikes are gaining more and more popularity, and combined with the local history, the museum has a lot of potential here. I wish you further development, more rooms and many interesting and rare specimens!