The castle in Oporów, as soon as I found it in the Internet, was on my list of places to visit in the Łódź Province. After the visit, I think that it should be on yours as well. A beautiful park and a charming building with a rich history encourage to visit.

Castle in Oporów – how to get there?

Oporów is a village (formerly a town) in the Łódź Province. It is 15 kilometres away from Kutno, and 85 kilometres from the voivodeship capital – Łódź. When you come to the castle, you can leave your car close to the water reservoir located near the entrance to the park.

Availability and tickets

Both the castle and the surrounding park are accessible for tourists. The museum is open every day from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and in the spring and summer season (from May 1 to September 30), on Saturdays and Sundays, additionally from 10:00 to 17:30. The park is open to visitors every day from 8.00 to 17.00, and in the summer season until 20.00.

A regular ticket to the castle costs PLN 10, and a reduced ticket – PLN 7. Admission to the park is free. If you plan to visit Oporów on Monday, admission on that day is free.

Interestingly, it is possible to stay overnight in the castle grounds. There are guest rooms in the building located in the park.

History of the castle in Oporów

The castle in Oporów was built in the years 1434-1449 by the bishop of Kuyavia, Władysław Oporowski. The beginning of the castle was a residential tower (from the 15th century) on an island in the Słudwia river.

Previously, there was another building in this place, probably built by Stefan – the first known member of the family. It most likely burned down in the 14th century.

In 1632, Piotr Tarnowski became the owner of Oporów. It happened thanks to the wedding with Barbara Oporowska, who brought him as a dowry. Dobra Oporowskie in 1725 was bought by the Lithuanian Jan Sołłohub, and the next owners of the property were Kajetan Korzeniowski, the Pociej and Oborski families.

The castle has been renovated and rebuilt many times, but it has retained much of its original appearance. Conservation works carried out in the years 1962-1965 removed part of the reconstruction from the 19th century. The original roof shapes, gothic portals, windows and ceilings were restored then. The surrounding park comes from the 19th century. The Museum has been operating there since 1949.

The castle has been a film set many times and has starred in in the films “Extradition”, “Crown of Kings” or “The Spirit of Canterville”.


The exhibition in the castle in Oporów is rich and interesting. The interiors look as if they were taken from a different era and are impressive.

Few of the exhibits are directly related to the history of the castle, but mostly they are related to times of castle life.

Worth to visit?

Definitely yes! The castle in Oporów is beautifully located, and the surrounding moat and historical park give it character. It is not a large building, but it is still impressive, and the exhibits presented inside will interest both younger and older guests!